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Agricultural Storage

All treated lumber is #1 southern yellow pine treated .6CCA 100% penetration of base for foundation. Roof trusses are preengineered and designed and certified to accommodate either commercial or agricultural snow loads for your specific region. State of the art design eliminates knee braces and allows maximum use of space.


Our diaphragm design utilizes the strength of each component integrated together to produce a structure that is efficient and economical. Our design eliminates the need for knee braces.

Agricultural Storage

Cost Effective Designs

BBL offers post-frame construction custom engineered for your specific building. No matter what your needs, whether you are using several doors with headers or need extra snowload, your building is designed and engineered to offer you the most cost effective materials with the BBL guarantee.

Agricultural Storage

Lateral Load Distribution Using Diaphragm Design

The wind pushes against the exterior sheathing on the windward wall and roof, and pulls on the exterior sheathing on the leeward wall and roof. These forces are transmitted to the columns and trusses by the girts and purlins, the column pushes on the ground at the base and the truss at the top. The horizontal load at the truss is transferred to the endwalls by the roof diaphragm. The roof diaphragm acts like a deep beam constructed of sheathing, purlins, trusses and fasteners. The lateral load at the endwall is transferred to the ground by the endwall diaphragm constructed of sheathing, girts, columns and fasteners. All of these building components act together to provide a stable and long lasting structure.