Steel Panel Colors
About Our Colors

No one in the building industry today offers you a better choice or variety of colors than BBL Construction. At BBL, we roll form our own steel panels and trims. Therefore we are able to provide matching colors of both the trim and steel panels to meet your needs. BBL Construction will provide you with a color chart so you may select the exact colors you desire.

The colors shown on this page will vary due to differences in computer equipment. The colors shown or printed from this page will not be an exact representation of BBL Construction colors. Please request a color chart for a more accurate representation.

29 Gauge Metal Roofing and Siding Colors

02 White   04 Bright White   06 Barn Red   08 Forest Green
10 Mocha Tan   12 Brown   14 Light Stone   16 Taupe


18 Bright Red   20 Ash Gray   22 Zinc Gray   24 Charcoal


30 Ocean Blue   32 Dark Blue


  34 Black   38 Burgundy
40 Dark Bronze   00 G-60 Galvanized   70 30 ga. White Acoustic Panel*   50 30 ga.; 53 31ga.
Interior White Liner Panel
The above colors are intended as an approximation of actual colors supplied.
*Perforations are .094” dia. and 3/8” center line to center line.

Polyester/Silicon Polyester Coating System

The paint systems utilized by BBL Construction are based on unique polyester and silicon polyester resins that are not sensitive to moisture but are extremely flexible. All paint systems employed are designed for longer lasting color and the reduction of white rust corrosion. The paint systems are used in architectural, commercial, and agricultural building panels.

All of the colors have been rigorously tested for performance using the highest standards as set by the National Coil Coaters Association as well as ASTM standards. The tests illustrate that the paint systems utilized are superior to the control standards for film integrity, chalk and fade. We offer a complete coating system, with primers and backers designed to provide optimum field performance in terms of adhesion, fabrication capability, resistance to abrasion and long-term corrosion resistance under normal conditions.

BBL roll forms our own 29 gauge steel.

BBL roll forms our own 29-gauge steel. We utilize computer controlled instruments to achieve matches of measurements, color and uniformity.

  1. ASTM A446, Grade “E” full-hard G-60 galvanized or galvalume base.
  2. Zinc coating guards against corrosion.
  3. Pre-treated Film provides superior adhesion of the primer.
  4. Urethane primer provides additional corrosion protection as well as ensuring bonding of the finish coat.
  5. Siliconized polyester finish coat adds fade-resistant color and long-lasting protection.

BBL color-matched screw fasteners

BBL uses all color-matched screw fasteners on our walls and roofs which also carry a 40-year warranty.

Steel Panel Configuration

Panel Configuration

DripStopThe BBL coil coating finish provides a high level of longterm exterior performance for building product applications. The coating is formulated with a super durable polyester resin, which provides superior resistance to chalking,fading and environmental weathering.

BBL Premium 29-Gauge steel is one of the most versatile members in the industry. It is truly a premium wall and roof panel whose applications span a tremendous variety of residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects and carries a 40-year limited warranty.

29-Gauge Panel: actual .0159” minimum thickness after painting. BBL paint system carries a 40-year warranty for chipping, cracking or peeling. *See actual warranty for details and conditions. See tech bulletin for storage and handling procedures.